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Open Letter To All Networkers!
From The Staff at Responsive Leads LLP
Date: October 2016

Hello there Networker!

Let me get this out of the way and I'll move right along to some incredible ways that we can help you build stronger, more meaningful, relationships in your business and all faucets of your life! And help you, once and for all, understand what it truly takes to foster DUPLICATION, throughout your own thriving sustainable organization! As you know, this is the most powerful income aspect of our industry; unfortunately, it's also the most elusive.

Now I mention the following successes and earnings for one simple reason. If you're going to put in the effort and make a commitment to the changes necessary for your success; a whole new level, you should understand that I come from proven, real world experiences, and a level of success and breadth achieved by very few.

“You must become the change that you seek” Gandhi

If you aren't already aware, my two companies are a 18-year online lead gen company and a software development company that I began LESS than a year from the point where I didn't even know how to shut off my computer properly; true story! One generated and sold over half million prospect leads for our industry and the other sold over 10,000 software licenses of our staple contact management and email marketing follow up software, Postmaster, combining in over $5.5 million in sales.

Years ago, I also built two sizable Network Marketing organizations. Of course hindsight is 20/20, and I just wish I knew then, what I've learned since. Through never-ending research, my own experiences and the many relationships developed over the past 17 years; relationships with some of the most successful networkers and marketers on the planet! Oh how I could have affected SO many more lives than we did, focusing primarily on only tools and prospect leads. For a full decade we left the coaching and training off the table and up to our client's companies and leadership. Considering most cases, this was a big mistake!

Just like the vast majority of networkers today, I had focused only on selling (ABS...Ugh!) and recruiting. Now, I was pretty good at it. I had my head down with blinders on and just forged ahead! I personally sponsored just fewer than 100 people into those two businesses. Great, right? Not so fast.

So what happened? Well, the same thing that happens, every single day, to the VAST majority of networkers today. I simply overlooked the basics; often spoken in phrases so common that we can repeat them in our sleep. Yet for some strange reason they're treated like idioms, rather than FACTUAL STATEMENTS that need to be understood, internalized and used every day; lived, not just repeated. I guess I thought that my sheer passion and excitement would just assimilate into new team members, and they'd have no problem doing whatever I did. Never once did I think that they just might not be able or willing to do what I was doing, the way I was doing it!

Here's where it gets frustrating. The trouble is that awareness and understanding of what it takes to foster this DUPLICATION is only HALF the battle! Maybe old habits are just too hard to break? I honestly don't know the reason for this. I wish I did. The weird part is that the recruiting process that we live by and coach now is SO much easier, so why not do it this way, right?

Just think about this from a new team member's perspective. In one fell swoop this turns a mountain into a molehill. Imagine not having to be THE expert on the company, the products/services or the comp plan! And instead, leave those details to the plethora of experts, tools and resources available at our disposal. This way you can just focus on what's most important anyway; your relationships with other people!

Well, all I can do is keep building the case for changing; simplifying the process, talking WAY LESS, asking more and better questions, really encouraging prospects to talk then shutting up, changing how we treat prospects (people), stop blatantly selling and REALLY let the tools, resources and your 3-way calls do the heavy lifting. And just hope that bringing these issues back to the frontal lobe and the conscious minds of enough networkers will eventually affect positive change for our industry. What you, ultimately, do with this information and if you apply it, is up to you.

“You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself.” ~ Galileo

I could just never figure out that DUPLICATION thing, which lends to my passion, now, to help others. The bottom-line was that the people I brought into the business realized, relatively quickly that they either were NOT willing or felt that they were not able to do what I was doing. Read that again and burn it into your memory. This is EXACTLY why most of your team members never build any sort of business and why the average Networker, today, recruits 1.5 people into their business, over their entire life! (Please don't miss that period between the 1 and the 5.)

Remember this the next time you spend an hour with someone 'throwing up' all your best stuff, trying to 'sell' them into your business. Or the next time you feel you MUST have all the answers, or be the expert, or know exactly how to refute every objection or close at just the right time with the right tactic.

Instead, what if we just used a little empathy to understand that the prospect, like you, probably doesn't like to be 'handled,' manipulated, or 'sold' a bill of goods. And above all else, even once you're past their critical sales barriers, they still MUST feel that they can easily do the same things you're doing. If not, they won't join and chances are, even if they do, they'll never really feel comfortable reaching out to others the same way to build their own business. It's less often that they're lazy or that their 'WHY' isn't strong enough. WAY more often it's because they don't know what to do/say or that they're really not comfortable with the process or properly prepared for the likelihood of rejection or shame.

The thing is that across this industry, we overcomplicate the business WAY TOO OFTEN. We confuse, annoy and even alienate people; none of which fosters a mutually beneficial working relationship. This business is SO much easier following a few simple principles, none of which have anything to do with ABS, closing tactics, refuting objections or even being a good talker for that matter.

Our most successful industry leaders, never considered themselves good salespeople (and never liked much about SALES, either side) or even very outgoing or confident, for that matter. What they are good at is relating to people, like real human beings; not programmed sales bots always working towards a close. They care about and believe in other people and are very good at encouraging and helping others be better versions of themselves.

The majority doesn't have a particularly high IQ and naturally focus on keeping things simple and achievable. But, their people IQ of understanding others, having empathy, relating, and applying these to foster long-term, meaningful relationships is inherently high or they chose to put in the effort to become a better “people” person. And not necessarily a good talker or speaker, though you'd be shocked how success, leading to more confidence, makes humankind's greatest fear seem so natural, easy, even exciting.

Success in this business is ALL about honing these basic relationship building skills, and always has been that we've been honing since kindergarten. Things like treating others with respect; as we would want to be treated and REALLY utilizing EMPATHY, possibly our strongest tool. And how to relate to others while showing that you care and are interested in them, and how you can help them. This leads to having real, meaningful conversations like two friends sitting down for coffee discussing life, its rewards and challenges; is our only hope.

It will serve you well to begin acting and thinking more like you did for your first few dates with your significant other, for example, than keep resorting to old internalized, programmed selling tactics that only heighten skepticism and sales filters that you, probably, already know, does NOT duplicate well.

Here if I would have just kept it simple, focused on putting prospects through a process that they felt they could actually do, and on a few basic principles while working with my teams to foster duplication; I could have helped SO many more families and certainly saved 1000's of hours talking!

Well, since I'm now a glass-half-full person, I'm just thankful that I had an opportunity to have an impact on 1000's of networkers and work-from-home moms and dads, and now we have the opportunity, with YOUR help, to have a massive positive impact on our industry. I haven't been this excited since 1999, the very beginning!

Here's a great example of utilizing some of these principles that ended up saving the MLM career of our friend Paula Birch.

It was 2005 and partly because of the Internet exposure of our industry, (both good and bad) there was a growing number of skeptics, some even cynical, just like today. Paula was very new to the industry. She was laid off during the dot com debacle that sent her life on a downward spiral, and she was finally feeling excited and positive about her future prospects, again.

Thanks to MLM she now had the potential to earn her own income not controlled by a boss, a supervisor, a board of directors or a bunch of greedy bankers who take risks every day with our retirement funds, stock market, jobs and even the entire global economy, evidently.

Anyway she worked very hard, not as much on her new product line or comp plan, on improving her people skills. And thank goodness, because she wasn't prepared for what was about to happen. Paula just happened to be meeting a big group of friends and her sister out for dinner that night.

As excited as she was about her new business, she had no intention of pitching the group anything, without support or help from her upline team. It did, however, come up and one particular friend, saying that with a little cringe, overheard Paula talking about her new venture. And this particular 'friend' apparently had a bad experience in MLM and she was soured, to say the least. So she just felt that it was ok for her to vent, unfortunately most of it was directed towards Paula.

Initially Paula felt defensive and badly wanted to justify her recent decision and excitement. Worse yet, there were several friends there that she had already had some positive conversations she was actively prospecting. And here was another friend doing her best to pants our industry! Nope, instead, she took a deep breath and quickly thought through her best course of action and rather than being defensive and turning it into a debate or even an argument in front of all her friends, she did something brilliant!

In just a matter of seconds, avoiding a potentially ugly confrontation and possibly derailing her from all her brand new goals and dreams, she completely disarmed this friend and turned the spot light back on her. Moments later, the tables were turned and this friend was forced to defend her position and why she felt the way she did.

Can you guess what she did? I'll tell you what. If you haven't figured it out, we should visit. I promise taking 15-20 minutes out of your busy schedule, no strings attached, will be beneficial to you and your team! And all you have to do is click here to send me a message or you can setup an appointment with me from here.

Well, so you know, because of how she handled this potentially disasterous situation and turned it completely around, simply asking questions and staying calm, she ended up bringing in 5 of the people that were at that fateful dinner, years ago. Just reach out and I'll share more of the details!

If qualified prospects are the life-blood of a growing, thriving organization... this is the heart-muscle.

Now, every successful Networker knows that the life-blood of their organization, maximizing their earning potential, is a CONSISTENT supply of the most responsive and highly qualified prospects possible, available at the time when their interest is the greatest. But very FEW really understand the secrets to maximizing the overall result or affect of moving people into your organization. In fact, most miss the boat completely!

It's one thing to recruit new people into your organization. It's a WHOLE 'NOTHER THING to do it in such a way that they have the absolute best chance of RINSING AND REPEATING and carrying the momentum forward for everyone's long-term benefit.

If you truly desire all the success that our industry offers, you simply MUST get extremely good at prospecting all cold markets. As you know, these are people in your local market and online, like our leads that you don't know yet. And frankly most people have a limited size warm market, or what we call, circle-of-influence. That is, unless you have a huge warm market that's ready, willing, ambitious and absolutely lights out.

THIS is where we separate from the pack. We understand what it takes, first hand, with 17 years of trial and error while learning a ton from years of nurtured relationships with some of the brightest minds in our industry and we're opening the vault, sharing everything that we know works, TODAY. Not what worked decades ago, ten years ago, or even five years ago! TODAY.

Do you want to know another little secret? Now, I've worked with over 10,000 networkers and home business owners, of every level of success, over the years and I'm always surprised to find this little rule, I guess you could call it, holding true. When industry leaders look back over their organization (and this occurs every single time someone was asked) they see that the VAST majority (and it's usually not close) of their personally sponsored that went on to great success and became leaders...they did NOT know yet, at the time they started their business. This holds several very important insights to ponder.

How well you understand how to properly and successfully prospect in cold markets and keep the process duplicatable will, DIRECTLY, determine your level of success long-term, and often the potential achievement even *within* your organization. Unfortunately, well over 95% of the field is still not doing it properly or successfully!

As our client, not only will you get FULL access to over $1000 in training and one-on-one coaching...for the next 48 hours, no guarantee beyond that, I can also call YOUR first day of leads, on your behalf, with you listening! This way you can see it all come together.

If our training and coaching is taken to heart and utilized into your daily plan, it will greatly change your team building skills and results, across the board, forever. Feel free to call us at 888-793-2882 and get a jump on this today!

Here's the thing, and it might well be the most overlooked of all. The true benefit of our industry is a sustainable residual income, right? You do the work months or years ago and you're paid over and over, long-term.

Everybody talks about it, but only a small few actually put things in place to, actually, achieve it! The thing is that it doesn't just HAPPEN after you recruit a few people onto your team, or a whole bunch for that matter. Sure, there's always a chance you could get lucky and one superstar you recruit saves the day, but don't count on it. Successful entrepreneurs work to be good rather than lucky.

Allow me to be very clear here. Without bringing in new recruits in such a way that just about any person CAN duplicate, I'm sorry to say it, you'll never have more than the equivalence of a relatively low paying SALES JOB.

It all begins and ends with DUPLICATION, so it REALLY DOES matter what you do and make your responsibility, as well as exactly what you say, what you ask, what you don't ask, what you send the prospect, where you take the process and WHY.

Sure, you can take on all the responsibilities, have all the answers, use all the sales strategies and tricks of the trade, etc...and possibly recruit some people into your business and make some decent upfront money, but I promise that there will be long-term costs and repercussions.

Just think for a moment. How many people have your personal recruits actually brought into business? There's a reason that most networkers never brings in more than 1-2 people into the business. The average person doesn't have a clue what they're doing and when they try to bring in others, usually the same way they were brought in, and they get shot down or shut down a few times, it's only a matter of time. Very few people can take bullets like Paula, in our story above.

What just about everyone fails to do or is NOT discipline to stick to, even though it's consider the single most important aspect of the process, is to ask this simple question; "can this person (or most people) feel comfortable doing this?" Sure, people grow and feel more comfortable later on, and maybe that's inherently part of the problem, but in no way are they thinking ahead that way. So once the bullets start flying they head for cover, sometimes giving up for good, either consciously or subconsciously.

So, what's the cost of “selling” recruits into the business in a way that most of them are not able to do? The cost is little to NO duplication and of course then, NO sustainable or residual income. Of course then you have little more than a low paying sales JOB where your income, again, is completely dependent on YOUR ongoing efforts.

This is NOT the goal for most people. Oh sure, some folks are just bored or want a challenge and a couple hundred bucks a month will do, but not most. And without duplication, within a few months, the monthly check stops, unless they keep working their tail off indefinitely.

Listen to one of history's greatest teachers, Dale Carnegie, Those convinced against their will, are of the same opinion still.”

The implications of this on our industry are powerful, and completely overlooked by those who insist on the dreaded ABS “always be selling,” high pressure, shady sales tactics, puking incessantly, being a know-it-all, hard closing, alienating, on and on. Instead, we choose to help our clients focus on ABCV, “Always Be Creating Value,” asking more and better questions and then LISTENING; treating people like friends not $dollar$ signs, being sincere about helping others, understanding and really being interested in others and giving back miles and miles of value.

Do you think for a second that the super successful people in this industry or in your company that you aspire to be like, do it ANY other way? Of course not. And no, they're situation isn't different than yours, at least in the beginning, so it's no excuse for you do prospect and recruit any different.

By the way, another key here is staying plugged into offline and online company functions, meetings and events. Stay close to those already successful, who you aspire to be like. I PROMISE that the more you are around and listen to truly successful people in your organization the faster you'll emulate them and have what they have. Just don't make it all about the money. Focus on being a better person, a more valuable asset to the world, and they will follow. “If you build it (you), they will come.”

Read a few quotes from the late great Jim Rohn; “If you want to have have to BECOME more,” “Success is not a doing process, it is a becoming process,” “What you do, what you pursue, will allude you -- like chasing butterflies.” “Success is something you attract by the person you become.”

It's not what you know, or what you have or even who you know (at least not in the beginning). And it's certainly NOT what company, products or services that you're offering. I just hope that it's so painfully obvious to YOU now; that there's no question what you have to do. It's never too late to make a change and begin in a new direction.

This WILL take an ongoing commitment not to fall back to your old ways of “pitch and puke,” (lol...I really hope that doesn't hit home with you) and other unproductive habits. And instead, take your foot off the gas a little, relax, take a deep breath and enjoy the process, focusing on becoming a better, more valued version of YOU. Oh yes, and SIMPLIFY...EVERYTHING.

The facts are clear here. Those “sold,” “leveraged,” or “talked” into the business without coming to their own conclusions and believing that they can do what you did to bring them in, are ~99% less likely to build their own business. So what's the point? You could have spent much less time and effort just getting them as a customer.

I guess the good news is that the more difficult, non-duplicatable tactics that can take years to learn and hone...NO LONGER WORK...and never did work, really, except for those looking for a time consuming, low-paying sales job. The more people that understand this, the better place our industry will be. Honestly, all things considered, the sad truth is that our industry should be SO MUCH further along than it is right now.

And since the proper way to prospect (we'll cover completely!) is SO much easier, more natural, less invasive, rejection-free and more comfortable anyway...MANY more people, watching your approach and going through the process, will feel that they can easily do this AND spread the word!

PLEASE TAKE NOTE HERE: THIS, and only this, is what fosters duplication. And THIS is what gets your business to work and grow without your direct involvement at some point. This is what the leaders of today DO, but it all starts with YOU and what you decide to do, right now and every day from here.

Yes, you must have a great and perpetual source of new prospects, like ours, at least until your organization is in momentum, BUT you'll never have the success you desire unless you commit to learning how to properly prospect your local and online “If you want to have have to BECOME more,” “Success is not a doing process, it is a becoming process,” “What you do, what you pursue, will allude you -- like chasing butterflies.” “Success is something you attract by the person you become.“cold” markets (people you don't know yet).”

This includes properly approaching prospects, any cold prospects for that matter, in a comfortable, real, but productive way; without raising their sales-filters or triggering their subconscious “flight” response. THIS day and age of constant stimuli, bombardment of sales messages and interruptions our subconscious is always on HIGH alert. It doesn't take much to send ANY potential prospect running for the hills, faster than a duck to a junebug.

Everything we train and coach on is based on three primary facts:

1) 90% of people hate selling and 90% hate being sold!

2) People must feel that they are able to do what you're doing.

3) People only join people in MLM that they know, like and trust.

Here's a hint: Since cold market prospects don't know you and you have no relationship yet, the solution is keeping it simple, no selling and focusing on quickly building a foundation for a relationship. And the good news is that it focuses on simply asking more of the right questions; then actually LISTENING. It's amazing how really easy it is to position yourself as a key resource and understand how you can provide others REAL VALUE that's truly meaningful, mainly, just by really LISTENING!

It all begins with empathy and understanding where your prospect is right now in the process. Just think if someone with your experience, training and insight was willing to spend some time with you when you were just starting out; willing to listen, help and support you! This is the power and potential you have available for anyone, if you're willing to move the focus from your company and you, onto your prospect and how you can help them!

And, no worries! We'll help show you exactly how to establish yourself as a valued resource and provide lots of ideas of what to give away that they will value and appreciate. In addition to providing value, we'll share ideas how to quickly establish a solid connection, rapport, credibility, likability, and trust. So the next time you reach out to that prospect, they're looking forward and can't wait to get on the phone with you, rather than finding any excuse to avoid your call or meeting.

Honestly, if you 'get it' and make these concepts and strategies part of your daily habits, not only will it change your results with prospects right away, but will help make wholesale, positive, changes with ALL your business and personal relationships.

One of the greatest, rarely spoken, benefits of our industry is how it fosters growth in people with a greater awareness, interest and compassion in others; often leading to stronger interpersonal and relationship skills. Our training and coaching is right in line with this and can be considered “People Skills For Building A Large Sustainable Network, Fostering Real Duplication and Long-term Residual Incomes.”

THIS is where we separate from the pack and you'll see for yourself shortly after placing a small trial order, here. Feel free to call us at 888-793-2882 and get a jump on this today!

More good news is that this process is simpler to learn and follow, ESPECIALLY for someone new, without much training at all and before bad business building habits are formed. And it's WAY more comfortable and fun than the old school ABS 'always be selling' methods that everyone hates, and no longer work anyway. When done properly, team members no longer have to risk ridicule or embarrassment.

It's truly back to basics. Not just because this is the ONLY way that this business is actually DUPLICATABLE; it's also the ONLY way you'll have any success in the cold markets... prospecting for people that don't know, like or trust you yet. And it's the only way to insure that people feel that they CAN and are therefore willing do this, just following the simple plan, consistently.

An easy, doable process like this (along with our prospect leads) can also eliminate the fear of a new recruit or prospect feeling desperate that their success depends, solely, on their current warm market of family and friends!

Beyond your warm market, the whole world is full of diamonds just waiting for you to unearth!

We are so grateful that we've had and continue to have an impact or imprint on one of the greatest industries in world. And I can't tell you what it means to facilitate one of its greatest benefits, too often unspoken, of building better, more aware, emotionally intelligent, compassionate, collaborative, confident people...striving to be the best possible versions of themselves, and helping others do just the same. Incredible.

Well, there you have it. Of course there are lots of details yet to make this all come to fruition. You'll need scripts, content, ideas, resources, etc. And we have it all available! One common request is access to our library full of free useful and invaluable resources to give to prospects and team members to demonstrate that you truly are a valuable ASSET to have in their circle.

Thanks for reading. I truly hope this benefits you, your team and beyond carrying this message forward. Of course there's a lot more and I look forward to connecting and helping you grow your business in many different ways. I'll tell you what. Reach out to me here, no strings attached, and we can visit a little about where you're at now, what challenges you might be having now and we'll see if I can lend a hand with some insight.

You might even qualify for some special group coaching, just for YOUR team! This will save you time and money, insuring you and your team are motivated and focused; but are also empowered with the strategies and information they need to take their businesses to an entirely new level!

We Believe In You,

From The Staff at Responsive Leads LLP and Online Automation


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