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18-Year Trusted Source and Online Lead Gen Pioneer That's Generated and Sold Over 500,000 Prospect Leads, Brings YOU Highly Qualified, Targeted Prospects To Your Inbox Daily, Actually Expecting & Waiting For Your Call!

Imagine Opening Up Productive Warm Market Teams
All Around The Country...To Grow YOUR Organization,
Bank Account & Lifestyle; Starting As Soon As Tomorrow.

Our goal is to put you in the best position to reach the levels of our best clients, recruiting an average of a new recruit every week!

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a company you can finally trust for responsive, non-incentivized, never over-sold, like-minded business opportunity prospects leads genuinely interested in starting a home business, at under 44c to 69c each...

But that's JUST the beginning!
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quotemark-left5This is way beyond fresh, low cost prospects in my inbox daily, whom for the most part, are genuinely interested in starting a home business like me. I've received so many Sherell Slaiseamazing responses from the prospects in response to your approach Mark! I'm enrolling at least one person every week into my business! Thank you for all your training and coaching! Making a commitment to study your program and put it into ACTION has really improved my prospecting! I absolutely know this will have long-term impact on my business! quotemark-right5  Sherell Slaise, Chicago, IL

Pastor Kennyquotemark-left5The true value in the Responsive Lead program, beyond that they've always offered excellent lead prospects at super low cost prices, lies in their new Prospecting Academy, an uncommon view of the early prospecting process and incredible passion to truly help others succeed. quotemark-right5  Pastor Kenny Smith, Longtime Client, Advocate and Industry Visionary. nav bar

Welcome Fellow Entreprenuer!

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CLICK HERE, to learn...How To Use 3 Hypnotic Words To Get Your Prospects Attention and Greatly Increase Your Conversion Rates!

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Our New “Phone Ready” Prospect Lead Promo At Our Lowest Pricing, EVER!

For over 8 years our most popular package of 200+ prospect leads per month, straight to your INBOX daily, has been priced as high as $138/mo. A great value in it's own right.

Even better, our daily prospects, the “Prospecting Academy”, our weekly coaching; the entire program IS NOW ONLY $94/month! And as low as 44c per prospect, for the same type of leads retailing between $1.75 to $2.25 each, all over!


Of course our “Prospecting Academy” is offered at no additional cost to every client. (A $2500 value.) A proven, actionable plan right now is invaluable for your business as well as your partners!

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Our Replacement Guarantee -- We will replace any bad phone numbers 100%, less our 10% overage normally provided daily!

This lead program is a home run for many business builders and the price is simply unbeatable. Only thing is, we have a very limited supply of this primary lead, so don't delay. Try us for one month right now, and see for yourself...before we are sold out. It happens two to three times a year and we end up putting clients on a waiting list.

Change Your Results And Your Future Right Now -- Try Real Leads, Fresh, Responsive... And As Low As .44c Each!

There simply is no better value for prospect leads anywhere. Imagine reaching out calling qualified prospect leads actually open to your business and opportunity! If you are serious about building your business, get started today.

If you have any questions, call us at 888-793-2882. Ask for Mark or Michelle

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We're absolutely dedicated to helping networkers and home businesses achieve financial freedom, through online automation, a solid lead program, proven success strategies and full client support at every step..

To build a solid successful network marketing organization, YOU AND YOUR TEAM need fresh, responsive, affordable, cost-effective, highly qualified prospect leads that are actively seeking a way to earn extra income in their spare time.

Why not buy a better prospect lead at wholesale prices?
Leads are the lifeblood of any business, and having a steady supply of interested highly qualified prospects, open to your business, flowing through your organization, will dramatically increase the size of your business and your bank account! 

Our philosophy on selling leads and offering you your own lead base is simple:
“A commitment of honesty and integrity to offer you the best, most responsive leads possible, at the lowest price I can. My Objective: Offer you the highest (ROI) you can find from any lead provider” Mark W., Founder, Partner, 18-year Online Marketer, Copywriter, Coach, Lead Generator & Software Developer.


Here are a few more client comments on how we stack up!

quotemark-left2 Ever since switching lead companies, my enrollments have drastically gone up. I would recommend your Responsive Leads for anyone looking to contact highly responsive people and grow their business. quotemark-right2 Peter Burthwright, Markham, Ontario

dreamstime_241 quotemark-left2 ...I want to say out of all the lead companies, Responsive Leads are the best I've ever used hands down. You won't find a better quality lead for the price, period. I usually only have to talk to a handful of people before signing up a new broker with their leads. quotemark-right2 Dwayne Stutzman, Toledo, Ohio

quotemark-left2 Thank you Responsive Leads for providing me with a VERY cost effective, HIGH QUALITY lead with valuable information about my prospect. These leads were BETTER THAN the $5 dollar leads that I purchased from another company that gave me very little information about the prospect. quotemark-right2 John Riding, Clovis, CA

quotemark-left2 I really appreciate the fact that these are really true prospects that are truly looking. The experience I have had with your leads are these are people that are definitely people ready to hear what you have to say. quotemark-right2 Richard Rowley, Oklahoma City, OK

quotemark-left2 I have been receiving Responsive Leads for a few months and these are the most receptive leads I have ever used! They are actually waiting for my call! I have brought 9 new people into my business already! I can't thank you enough Mark! quotemark-right2 Melva Calvin, Gilbert, AZ

quotemark-left2 I recently started using Responsive Leads and I have to say, they are EXCELLENT. They are truly the best quality most cost efficient leads on the market. My pipeline is full with high qualified prospects finally, and I've put 4 people in my business already! I would highly recommend these leads to anyone. Thank You Mark! quotemark-right2 Shawna Maltz, Houston, TX

quotemark-left2 I just wanted you to know that out of the first 56 6Q long form surveyed leads I have gained so far I have signed up SIX brokers. Your leads are phenomenal!! THANK YOU!! quotemark-right2 Toni Lund, Spring Hill, Florida

quotemark-left2 I would say that in many ways they are much more valuable than the higher priced leads that I have purchased. Thank you! quotemark-right2 Sheffie Hilliard, Fresno, CA

quotemark-left2 Amazing Great Leads!! I enrolled 2 New Business Partner right after I started using leads from Responsive Leads!! quotemark-right2 Geneva Osburn, Oklahoma City, OK

quotemark-left2 I am extremely impressed with your leads Mark. We were able to bring 6 new people into the business just last week! These prospect leads are receptive and open minded! Thank you for providing such qualified prospects! It sure is refreshing. quotemark-right2 Patty C., Kansas

quotemark-left2 If you want to speak to those whom are ready, Responsive Leads deliver. I recently started working them again. I just worked 100 leads, reached 77 people and put 24 new people in my business! We've been networking for 7 years; we know what we want, affordable and prime proven leads which Responsive Leads delivers, every time.quotemark-right2 Carol Van Tassel, Portland, Oregon

quotemark-left2 These surveyed leads have proven to be the most responsive and "ready to get going" leads I have ever purchased from any lead source! I have really hit the jackpot with these leads, and with the price of these surveyed leads they are a no-brainer. My profit level from my business has increased dramatically. quotemark-right2 Tim Cochran, Los Angeles, CA

quotemark-left2 ...these lower priced leads are just as good as the higher priced ones and I've also found many of them to be even more cordial and friendly. When you get momentum and keep calling people it actually becomes fun and also you learn how to respond to people rather quickly. I recommend you order some today! quotemark-right2 Sally Henderson, Oostburg, WI

quotemark-left2 You're operating a prospecting leads company that is superior to any I've dealt with in the past. Great prices, great leads and excellent customer service! quotemark-right2 Brendan Mitchell, Westford, Vermont

Call our marketing experts, Michelle or Mark, right now. They can help you see if our lead program is the right fit for your business right now and get a FREE consultation, no purchase necessary. Call us at 888-793-2882.

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“The only person you are destined to become
is the person you decide to be.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

OUR UNCONDITIONAL PROMISE: Not only will we offer the very best industry “call ready” prospects (ready and waiting for your call) at the lowest pricing ever, every client will dramatically improve ALL their cold market and lukewarm market prospecting strategies and RESULTS.

Cracking this nut, getting VERY good at cold market prospecting, not only insures your ability to build your business anytime and anywhere, but also your team members, especially those whom you bring into the program!

And our new “Prospecting Academy”, training & weekly coaching calls, plus one-on-one coaching, anytime, covers STEP-BY-STEP how to make quick and meaningful connections with your cold market (including our prospect leads) easily and comfortably moving them towards the real possibility of change! Learn the KEYS to building the foundation for long-term mutually beneficial relationships with people you do NOT even know yet!

(i.e. Learn exactly what to say to prospects initially to quickly build trust and likability and, just as important, what NOT to say to avoid opposition and rejection; just the very beginning, the TIP of the iceberg.) ...And much more!

Nothing will ever hold you back again, whom fully engages with our program and implements the process on a consistent basis; regardless where you live, who you know or your current skill set!

Let us know if you have ANY questions at all. You can reach me, direct, on my cell phone at or would like to reach us for any reason, just let me know here. It's the fastest way, next to calling us at 888-793-2882!

Thanks again for the opportunity to help you reach new heights! I look forward for the opportunity to connect with you and see how I can be of service to you!


To Your Success,

Mark W., Founder, Coach & 18-Year Lead Generation Pioneer - Founder and CEO Since 1999 - Fresh Phone VERIFIED Prospects

Call 888-793-2882 and setup your 30 minute coaching call today!
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